A REAL Playground

A REAL Playground

101 Reykjavik has the one of the highest concentrations of young kids and single parents in the world but with no dedicated space to meet together and play and talk. Outside of the public playschools there is no single decent public playground downtown. But there is room for one, imaginatively designed, with a fence and a closing gate, on the corner of Kárastigur and Frakkastigur, as the area lends itself perfectly to this use already- with a coffeeshop and icecream shop on either side.


Playgrounds should be more than a sad swing and another boring plastic slide. They should encourage imagination, be made of natural materials, have various levels, and challenges, hidden spaces, and lookout points, And furthermore,we are in iceland; so heating, and light and running water? Why does city advancement only seem to benefit tourists, or at best, the adults who live here? Every great city in the world has great playgrounds and until reykjavik does to, we don't qualify on that list.

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